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Aamir Khan's High Praise Boosts Aditya Nanda's Debut in 'DONO'
'It made my day to have Aamir Khan sir compliment me, saying my looks and personality will get me far in the film business,' says Aditya Nanda on his debut work for "DONO."
Aamir Khan's High Praise Boosts Aditya Nanda's Debut in 'DONO'

In the glamorous and competitive world of Bollywood, where aspiring actors strive tirelessly to achieve stardom, receiving accolades from a seasoned actor is a moment of immense significance. Such a moment recently unfolded when the renowned Aamir Khan praised Aditya Nanda during the premiere of his inaugural film, "DONO."

Aamir Khan's heartfelt words of praise left Aditya Nanda deeply moved and ignited a fire within him to leave an indelible mark on the Indian film industry. During the premiere, the iconic actor not only embraced Aditya but also wished him the best of luck, shook hands, and uttered words that would resonate with the young actor, "You look lovely, you are a handsome boy, and I'm sure you'll be great in the movie. I feel you will do really well in the film business." These words were not just a compliment; they symbolized a recognition of Aditya's talent and potential in his debut film, "DONO."

Aamir Khan's words have had a profound impact on the dashing Aditya, who was overwhelmed by emotion upon hearing the praise. He exclaimed, "Receiving such words of encouragement from Aamir Khan Sir felt like a dream. It has significantly boosted my confidence and fueled my determination to work even harder. This is a moment I will cherish forever."

As actor Aditya Nanda continues to refine his craft and carve a niche for himself in the film industry, one can only imagine the heights he can attain with the motivation and appreciation bestowed upon him by the ever-gracious Mr. Perfectionist.

On the professional front, Aditya Nanda is currently basking in the applause he has received for his debut film, "DONO." Additionally, he has made his debut on the digital streaming platform with Voot's "Candy" series, sharing the screen with talents like Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha. Furthermore, Aditya is in the midst of shooting for a significant project under a prominent banner, with an official announcement on the horizon.

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